Thursday, 17 March 2016

wedding makeup artist

Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai is one of the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is the senior most makeup artist in chennai.He services for bridal,betrothal,movies,tvshows,adpromotions,school and college cultural events.He is one of the ace makeup artist.

Vijay-An inspiration:
"Genius=99% of precipitation and 1% of inspiration"
-Albert einstain
Mr.Vijay is an icon in the bridal makeup service in south india.He is an inspiration to many of the young and creative upcoming makeup artist because of his working ethics,dedication to his job and professionalism.He is a perfectionist in his makeup service.He provides his service 24*7 hour.His enthusiasm towards learning a new style from foreign country and customising it our culture is a mind blowing one.He encourages the young and upcoming makeup artist by their talent and dedication toward their work.For further information,kindly


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