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Best wedding makeup artist in chennai

Mr.vijay is the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is the senior most makeup artist available in chennai.He is one of the finest makeup artist in chennai.He uses high quality and skin friendly makeup products.He is an magician in makeup.He has won many Bridal and bridegroom hearts through his art of makeup.He has won appreciation of many stalwarts of southern movie industry.He has a unique style of makeup approach.He is the leading makeup artist in south india.He is a champion in the art of makeup.

Vijay-The champion:
Vijay is a champion in the art of makeup.He is most most saught after makeup artist available in south india.He is sincere and always dedicated towards his work.He is a hard working makeup artist.He is the leading makeup artistin chennai,His work  ethics and professionalism are the main ingredient of his success.

Vijay and art of makeup:
He is gifted to have midas touch.He has own a beauty makeup service centre called Bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is a source of inspiration to a number of youth who are aspiring to become a makeup artist.Due to his art of makeup he has won the hearts of many of the many legendary movie makers like Murugadoss.By giving him an opportunity to do makeup in ezham arivu(7th sense).Hr has associated with him many of the blockbuster movies like ezham arivu and ok kanmani.

vijay as a person:
Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay is a best bridal makeup artist in chennai.His tender heart and childish character will certainly amazes you.His customer friendly attitude is an important quality for his success.His simplicity will make him as an unforgettable and most interesting person you have met in your life time.His down to earth nature is a striking feature of his makeup.He is a one of the stalwarts in makeup skill.

vijay-The Lord of beauty:
Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay is an artist who made magic in the face of many top heroines like Trisha and Nayanthara.He is a truly the lord of the beauty,his brushes are the magic wands in his hand.He is the face of the south indian makeup artist to Bollywood makeup artists.He is a very serious person about his work and enthusiasm to learn new trends in makeup.At first he suggests some style in makeup which will perfectly suit your look and if customer asks  some other style,he'll give his cent percent to give the look customer wants from him since this business is based on the customer satisfaction.

Makeup service and vijay:
The best makeup artist in chennai is Bridal makeup artist in chennai is vijay.Whenever he does the makeup for wedding, betrothol,and whatever makeup he does,he gives his whole hearted effort to do best makeup he can.Thats why,he is regarded as no.1 makup artist in south india.His makeup is a fusion of highly trendy modern style with strong cultural values.He will make your budget marriage a grand one with his makeup service.He is the best makeup artist to have the midas touch.He uses high quality and skin friendly makeup products which does not make any allergies to you,

Makeup is an art:
"Makeup is an art of glorifying the beauty one already possess"
This philosophy is the driving force of the his makeup service.Makeup is an art,because it requires certain proper skill.It is only the professional makeup artists will able to do the magicin your face.Only professionals can do that magic,because they are the persons who knows which product suits skin type and knows which product gives the effect that suits your face.
Since the wedding is a dream of many young girls.It is their day to be seen as queen in the marriage is this moment that lasts till their last seconds of their life.To make the moment as a unforgettable for all the good reasons.

Work Experience in Betrothal:
Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay is an expert in the betrothal makeup.His personal favourite is to do bridal makeup where he has scope to show the creativity in the betrothal and bridal makeup.He gives his hundred percent to make the your little princess to be a queen.He updates his makeup skill regularly when there is a new makeup style emerge arise in the society.With his makeup service,he makes your dream marriage come true.He is a trend maker in betrothal and bridal makeup.He is very serious about his work because as it a dream of young girls.

Experience in Bridal makeup:
He is an expert in the bridal makeup service.with his 20+ years of experience in bridal makeup,he is now evolved as a trend maker in bridal makeup service.He uses branded,high quality and skin friendly bridal products like revlon,loreal,lakme,Maybelline.His approach towards his work is being customer friendly.His work ethics impressed and appreciated by many stalwarts in southern movie industry.He won their hearts by his simplicity/He has been part of many of the blockbusters like "Ezham arivu" and "Goripalayam".

He has made 250+ makeup for bridals.He has seen many trends in bridal makeup emerge and vanish.But his style of makeup is a unique one.Other makeup artists in southern india will recognize the style of Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay easily.He has won many accolades for his makeup.Many of the customers were impressed with his bridal makeup service and has referred him for their relatives and friends.

Vijay as a mentor:
Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay,is a source of inspiration and a great mentor to young and creative makeup artist.He encourages the young makeup artists by their talent.He is a kind hearted with down to earth character and enthusiastic nature to learn the new trends in fashion makes him pioneer in the Bridal makeup service.His brushes had touched the cheeks of legendary actors and made magic in the face of todays top heroine's like Trisha and Nayanthara.He saw the transition of trends from last of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century makeup.His custmer friendly service makes his makeup as an unforgettable experience.

Vijay and Traditional makeup:
Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai-vijay is a professional makeup artist who was recognised as the best traditional makeup man for his makeup in suriya starrer Ezham Arivu.He is the senior most makeup artist in South india.He makes makeup for all style of marriage makeup like Tamil nadu,Kerala,Karnataka,seemandhra Telangana and north indian makeup like punjab,maharashtra and gujarati marriages.He customizes foreign makeup trend to our traditional style.His friendly nature attracts many of the young people.

Vijay and Modern makeup:
Mr.vijay is the bestmakeup artist available in chennai.His enthusiastic character makes him to update all the new trend in fashion.He is a trend maker in the Fashion industry.He is from a class of makup artists who have high work ethics.He has customised the foreign trends to suit the style of this soil.His childish character and down to earth nature has won the hearts of the many stalwarts and certainly amuse you and your family.For further information kindly 

vijay-The best:
Mr.vijay is the best makeup artist in  chennai.He is widely regarded to be the best makeup artist in the south india.he is the senior most and experienced makeup artist with 20+years of experience in his arsenal to have the midas touch.He is the senior most makeup artist available in chennai.He is popular in south india because of his skill in bridal and betrothol.He is a gifted makeup artist with the midas touch.His makeup skill is an important iongredient for his success,but the main ingredient is his professional ethics and  dedication to his work.

Vijay before Ezham arivu:
Mr.vijay was regarded as best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He was a very simple and down to earth person.He is known through out in chennai for his bridal makeup service.He is now seen as the top most makeup artist in through out xsouth india.He is a gifted makeup artist with the midas touch.His popularity was reached to the peak after the release of the movie Ezham arivu.From then on,he  is regarded as the best bridal makeup artist in the whole south india

Vijay in Ezham arivu:
The shooting days of Ezham arivu were one of my memorable days.The day started at morning 5'o' was a breezy and pleasant morning.But I was doing my routine workout in the morning.At that time,one of the assistant directors of actor,director and producer A.R.Murugadoss ringed me and asked me to do makeup for the movie Ezham arivu to suriya.It was a much hyped movie and the brain child of actor,director and producer,A.R.Murugadoss.
In which suriya has acted as Bodhi darman,a king of pallava dynasty to reach a place equivalent to Buddha in china and an circus artist.He is seen as god in other parts of south east asia,but we forgot him.This truth was not known to me.I was thought,its just a play but when I knew about this is real,I was shocked and surprised.I was very much proud to be associated with the such a historic movie.

vijay after Ezham arivu:
After the block buster hit movie "Ezham arivu" the makeup artist vijay was given huge credit for his makeup by the people of tamil nadu.He is seen as one of the stalwart in makeup industry.He is an artist gifted with midas touch.His work was appreciated by many of the legendary actors like rajini,kamal and suriya.He has won the credit of being the best makeup artist by southern movie industry.Because of his dedicated work,professional ethics and his skill.He  uses skin friendly and top branded beauty products which does not cause any skin allergy to you.

Vijay-An inspiration:
"Genius=99% of precipitation and 1% of inspiration"
-Albert einstain
Mr.Vijay is an icon in the bridal makeup service in south india.He is an inspiration to many of the young and creative upcoming makeup artist because of his working ethics,dedication to his job and professionalism.He is a perfectionist in his makeup service.He provides his service 24*7 hour.His enthusiasm towards learning a new style from foreign country and customising it our culture is a mind blowing one.He encourages the young and upcoming makeup artist by their talent ad dedication toward their work.

vijay-The Best bridal makeup artist:
Mr.vijay is the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is a man of his words.He is the first person to arrive at the shooting spot and marriage hall by which he reduces the panic and tension of the queen's family-family of bridal in the marriage.His simple nature and down to earth quality is an adds feather to his crown.He is a perfect example for the statement that appearance does not matter,what really matter is the talent one possess.He is like a light house in the middle of the sea.

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