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Psychology of Makeup


Myself Bridal vijay.I am a professional cine makeup artist in chennai.I am a chennaitee.Offering best makeup service in chennai.But my work base covers all over south india.With the experience of a decade,we offer makeup services for wedding,fashion shows,cultural events,Traditional events and party makeup.

What is Makeup Service:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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"Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it"
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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Makeup is an art of showcasing your unnoticed beauty to all.The secret behind my success as a bridal makeup artist is just highlighting your beauty which was not noticed by you,your relatives and friends of bride and bridegroom.I'll just highlight their beauty with highlighting accessories.

Psychology of makeup:

Makeup gives confidence and improves your self respect.As many as countless studies where conducted and all suggests that humans are easily get attracted towards faces that are more appealing than usual,we have been programmmed are a living beauty detectors.

Beauty has many facets like how they carry them selves,dressing sense and accessories that suits them.Persons having all these facets are likely to attract more persons than others who are more talented than the beautiful once.Our eyes are attracted towards more appealing persons.

In my career,I have watched many cliche makeups that are not unique, interesting and lack of customer satisfaction,so I decided to be unique and customise the makeup service according to the customers demands and make them happy.

I head the team of makeup artist who are considered to be the best in the cine industry.They already working in other movie projects.With their support and my passion for makeup offering the ace service. 

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Mr.Bridal Vijay



Monday, 25 July 2016

Best makeup artist in chennai

Bridal makeupartistin vijay is the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is the highly rated makeup artist available in chennai.He offers makeup service for bridal,movies,TV shows,adpromotions,college and school cultural events.His expertise in bridal makeup made him the favourite makup artist for many of the stalwarts of south indian movie industry.

Vijay and cine makeup:

He has worked with many of the stalwarts in cine movie industry.He has made makeup for not less than 50 movies in the span of 10 years.He made makeup for many block buster hits in south indian movie industry.He worked movies like Ezham arivu and ok kanmani.He is the most trusted and favourite makuep artist for most of the film stars like Ezhamarivu Suriya and goripalayam Harish

He has a unique style in his makeup service.His style of makeup was recognised and appreciated by the stalwarts in southern movie industry like suriya in the movie Ezham arivu.His secret of success is because of his modern look with a tinge of traditional touch.He uses highly skin friendly and non allergic branded products for his makeup service.

He has a team of young and highly creative upcoming makeup artists,hair dressers and saree draping assitants who are projecting his ideas into reality .They have been the part of many movies which are not yet released.

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Best bridal makeup artist in chennai


Genius is 99%  precipitation  and 1%  inspiration

His hard work and eagerness to learn th makes them as the best in the chennai,city.Mr.Bridal makeup artist in chennai is the genius in the art of bridal makeup.He makes new trends in the bridal makeup service. He will mix modern trend into a more      
traditional one.His primary objective in makeup service is to satisfy the customer's needs and wishes.He provides services like Bridal makeup,movie makeup,Television shows makeup,Ad promotions makeup,school annual days makeup and college culturals makeup

Vijay's view of makeup:

Mr.Bridal makeup artist vijay is the top most makeup artist available in chennai and through out the south india. He views makeup as an art of enhancing the beauty that already one posses.He makes your minuses in beauty to a plus and pluses into extra pluses.
He is a pure perfectionist in the art of bridal makeup and he likes to do bridal makeup because it is the place where he can show case his talent to the public directly.He sees beauty, is not a alien thing to force you to look good.But it is already with you which is not recognised by others.He says to the  customers that he is just enhancing the beauty.

He is a trend maker in the service of makeup.He uses traditional styles with a touch of touch of modern makeup.He surely takes the offer of bridal makeup than a movie make up because he feels satisfied with the married couple than a hero chasing the women lead.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Bridal makeup artst | Bridal makeup artist in chennai-Vijay's makeup


Myself vijay and is one of the Best bridal makeup artist in chennai,He is the most senior makeup artist in chennai.He is one of the finest makeup artist.He is service base is in and around in chennai.He is a trend maker.He provides his services for #bridal makeup,#movie makeup,#Tv shows,#adpromotions,#school and #college annual days and #college culturals.

Makeup in Malaysia:

"Unga mathiri yaarum enna make up panna mudiyathu anna Malaysia la ellam makeup artists samma mokka anna" -Norash samoth
He is the popular #makeup artist in vijay.He is on average goes to malaysia for marriage makeup, atleast 20 to 25 times per year.He have made the #makeup for bridal and bridegroom atleast 100 marriages.All the customers are completely satisfied with my makeup service and started to refer me.I satisfy when the married couple on the stage Because of my quality service,she referred me #bridalmakeup for their relatives and friends.she has been a loyal customer for my service. contact:Vijay
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Friday, 29 April 2016

Best bridal makeup artist in chennai | Bridal makeup artist in chennai | A1 makeup artist in chennai

The best bridal makeup artist in chennai is Mr.vijay. The most senior and highly rated make up artist available in chennai us Mr.Vijay.  His brushes had already magic in the face of many legendary actors like surya and many other actor in southern movie industry.  He is seen as the best creative makeupartist in chennai.He is widely recognised through out the south east asia including singapore and malaysia. His secret of success is his professional ethics and creativity in work.

Inspite of his tight bridal makeup service,he provides hismakeup service for movies, Tv shows and promotions.He makes service for college culturals and school annual days.
His makeup brush is his wand with which he makes the magic in the faces of actors and actresses.  It is a pride to say that he is a chennaitee and feel proud to breathe the same air he breathes. It is an honour to have him in chennai.He is an south indian and his work base is in and around all over south east asia. He work base covers  as a makeup artist, available in south india , singapore and malaysia.

He is an assistant to many legendary makeup artists by which he has expertised in the service of bridal makeup service. He has associated with many actors for their marriage makeup like goripalayam fame Tamil actor Harish and made makeup for many other blockbuster hits like “o kathal kanmani,ezham arivu and vethu vettu”.His expertise in bridal makeup has made him the popular makeup artist in south east asia.
The expertise in bridal makeup is because of his sincere  efforts  and freedom to do creative works. He can show case his talent , which takes his full effort  and skill to only enhance their  beauty  which is already with in the bridal. He is a successful makeup artist in and around south east asia. He is popular among  all Indian makeup artist and he is a member of the  All india makeup council.

It is an prestigious  group of makeup artists all over india. It is pride to say the only chennaitte to be in  this group is Mr.vijay. Inspite of his  cine work schedule. He uses his leisure team to do bridal makeup where he can learn new  trends and expectation of the bride which he will improvise on forthcoming marriages. This childish attitude towards learning  art of bridal makeup made him so popular in Chennai.

He is heading a group of makeup artists called Bridal makeupartist in Chennai which is considered to be the best in the south east asia. This title is not a promotional gimmick, it is the name he has earned the with his hardworking  and popularity of his team in south east asia.

He is a very inspirational makeup artist in Chennai .He has already asked to makeup for miss india 2013.But which he did not attend because of his conflict of interest with a marriage. He feels satisfied  to see bride at the center  of the hall with his makeup.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Wedding makeup artist in chennai

Mr.vijay  is the king of makeup in Tamil nadu.The secret behind bridal makuep artist in chennai.He is the top most makeup artist available in chennai.He is the source of the inspiration to many of the makeup artists in chennai.His team consists of young and creative junior makeup artists in chennai who are very much talented and creative persons who will give theirbest effort to showcase the bridal's beauty which wes not explored by their parents.

Mr.vijay creates sensation in the society with his art of makeup.His style is so unique     that no can copycat his style.Because he is in this bridal makeup service for pritty long time from his very young age from 1998.He is a very sincere and dedicated towards his work.His life time goal is to receive an oscar for his makeup.He worked with many stalwarts of tamil cinema like rajini,kamal and surya.

His art of bridal makeup artist service is the best in and around southern india.He is one of the pride of chennai for being an ace makeup artist.His career curve was started at 1998.His young age was so hard that he was a night mare.But his sheer perceivearence and love for his art was so prevalent to do this bridal service.He has undergone many problems that made a class apart from other makeup artist.

After a stage he was the most sought after makeup artist in southern india.His learning curve was so steep that no other makeup can trekk his career mountain.He has been the best assistant for an ace makeup artist in India who did makeup for miss.India competition.
Mr. Vijay has catered to most of the actors and actresses requirements of looking the best on screen and he is here to cater to your needs, to look the best in front of the folks who come to bless you and in the photos which would speak volumes about your memorable wedding day in the years to come

His experience has earned him respect,opportunities,lot of beauty techniques to learned and to introduce by him.His makeup style is a signatorial one in the bridal makeup service.Other makeup artist clearly understand that this makeup was done by mr.vijay has a inborn talent to make others beauty to enhances their beauty.
<blockquote>Makeup should nerver be used to hide yourself , It should be used to enhance your beauty<blockquote>

Mr.Vijay is the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.He is one of the finest and experienced makeup artist in chennai.He was an assistant of many of the legendary makeup artist.He is the ace makeup artist in chennai.He is seen as a light house in the sea of makeup.He has inborn  talent of making others beauty

He is a talented makeup artist in chennai.He is the most trended and rated  makeup artist in chennai.His objective is to do makeup for atleast 1000 marriages.He is customer friendly makeup artist in chennai.With his 18+ years of makuep experience in southern india,he knows makeup forall traditions and cultures.

He is an expert in the wedding makeup Because this is where he can showcase his talent and creativity.He is seen as the one of the trend setter in bridal  makeup artistservice in and around South india.He was admired by his makeup service by many of the stal warts in southern india movie industry.

With his 18+ years of experience,he has earned the name of best and most popular makeup artist in chennai.He is seen as one of the main pillar in the building called  southern cine industry.He has made the makeup for many of the legendary actresses like Trisha and Nayanthara.

He has been a part of many of the blockbuster movie hits like O kathal kanmani and Ezham arivu as a makeup artist.He has a dedicated team for his makeup service who has been a part of these successful film projects.He is a pride of chennaitties as his work base is in and around in chennai.

He covers through out south india and foreign like malaysia and singapore.He also has international clients in malaysia and singapore.He is seen as the trend setter in international level. He has a huge client base.Now his service is a click away for his service.

Makeup is an art:

He sees makeup is not just like painting on the wall.He sees it as an art of glorifying the beauty one already  posses .He is only makeup artist who has serviced too many bridal makeup.He is very sincere makeup artist.Makeup is an universe,Bridal vijay is like a sun.all other makeup artists are like the planets.Because they absorb the style of vijay and reflect their own style.

He is a champion in his own art and he is the legend in his own art.He is the key person for the change of trend in makeup.he is sincere,hard working and dedicated towards markup service by giving his cent percent effort to do the best.he is a child prodigy
His skill is so strong which can carry the pride of your family legacy,your culture and finally the dream of your business.He is the A1 makeup artist in Tamil nadu.He treats others makeup artist as brothers and not his competitor.Thats where he scores over other professional makeup artist.His professional ethics is good and highly respectable one.
He fully satisies the customer's beauty queries.His main objective in the makeup is to fully satisfy the customerthats why people call him Best bridal makeup artist in chennai vijay.
one of the comment by bridal mkeup artist vijay's customer
"Unga mathiri yaarum enna make up panna mudiyathu anna
Malaysia la ellam makeup artists samma mokka anna"
-Norahs samoht

Monday, 18 April 2016

Best bridal makeup artist in telugu

Mr.vijay నీతి పని మరియు నైపుణ్యానికి తన success.He కోసం ఒక ముఖ్యమైన అంశంగా ఉంటుంది అత్యుత్తమ పెళ్లి అలంకరణ chennai.He artist in అందుబాటులో అత్యంత సీనియర్ మేకప్ ఆర్టిస్ట్ దక్షిణ india .He ఏస్ అలంకరణ కళాకారుడు midace ఉంది ఉంది టచ్ మేకప్ ఉంది skill.He అలంకరణ కళ లో ఒక ఛాంపియన్ మరియు దారిచూపింది.
అతను దక్షిణ india.He లో అలంకరణ కళాకారుడు makeup.He కళలో ధోరణి మార్పు కోసం కీ కలిగి తరువాత పెళ్లి అలంకరణ లో ఒక నిజమైన ఇతిహాసము makeup.He కళలో నిజమైన లెజెండ్ అత్యంత ప్రముఖ మరియు కావాలనుకునే ఉంది.
అతను నిజాయితీ, hardworking మరియు అతని work.He పట్ల ప్రత్యేక వ్యక్తి makeup.After తన విద్యను పూర్తి చేసిన ఒక చైల్డ్ ప్రాడిజీ ఉంది, అతను పెళ్లి అలంకరణ సేవలో మొదలుపెడుతూ కార్యకర్త మారింది.
మరియు ఒక కొత్త business.He ప్రారంభించడానికి Mr.vijay.He అతనికి adviced అన్ని పెళ్లి makeup.He అలంకరణ నైపుణ్యం సృజనాత్మకత ఆశ్చర్యపోయిన స్వల్ప తెలుసు ప్రారంభించారు considered to బ్రైడల్ సేవ అత్యుత్తమ ఉంది.
అతని ప్రారంభ వృత్తి జీవితంలో, అతను దక్షిణ india.These లో గొప్ప అలంకరణ కళాకారుడు ఒకటి ఒక సహాయకుడు మేకప్ కళాకారుడు దీనిలో అతను makup గురించి నేర్చుకున్నాడు రోజులూ ఉంది.
మేకప్, ఒక విశ్వం దీనిలో mr.vijay ఒక సూర్యుడు మరియు అన్ని ఇతర అలంకరణ కళాకారులు planets.They మ్యాకప్ యొక్క విజయ్ యొక్క శైలి వారి సొంత style.He మొత్తం దక్షిణ భారతదేశం లో అందుబాటులో చిన్న మరియు అత్యంత సీనియర్ మేకప్ srtist తిరిగి andreflect గ్రహించి ఉంది. అలంకరణను నైపుణ్యం ఇది మీ కుటుంబాలు అహంకారం, మీ
సంప్రదాయ సంస్కృతుల మరియు చివరికి మీ యువరాణి యొక్క కల, అతను కేవలం వివాహం కాదు అని తెలుసు ఎందుకంటే trustable ఒకటి.