Monday, 24 October 2016

Psychology of Makeup


Myself Bridal vijay.I am a professional cine makeup artist in chennai.I am a chennaitee.Offering best makeup service in chennai.But my work base covers all over south india.With the experience of a decade,we offer makeup services for wedding,fashion shows,cultural events,Traditional events and party makeup.

What is Makeup Service:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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"Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it"
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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Makeup is an art of showcasing your unnoticed beauty to all.The secret behind my success as a bridal makeup artist is just highlighting your beauty which was not noticed by you,your relatives and friends of bride and bridegroom.I'll just highlight their beauty with highlighting accessories.

Psychology of makeup:

Makeup gives confidence and improves your self respect.As many as countless studies where conducted and all suggests that humans are easily get attracted towards faces that are more appealing than usual,we have been programmmed are a living beauty detectors.

Beauty has many facets like how they carry them selves,dressing sense and accessories that suits them.Persons having all these facets are likely to attract more persons than others who are more talented than the beautiful once.Our eyes are attracted towards more appealing persons.

In my career,I have watched many cliche makeups that are not unique, interesting and lack of customer satisfaction,so I decided to be unique and customise the makeup service according to the customers demands and make them happy.

I head the team of makeup artist who are considered to be the best in the cine industry.They already working in other movie projects.With their support and my passion for makeup offering the ace service. 

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