Friday, 29 April 2016

Best bridal makeup artist in chennai | Bridal makeup artist in chennai | A1 makeup artist in chennai

The best bridal makeup artist in chennai is Mr.vijay. The most senior and highly rated make up artist available in chennai us Mr.Vijay.  His brushes had already magic in the face of many legendary actors like surya and many other actor in southern movie industry.  He is seen as the best creative makeupartist in chennai.He is widely recognised through out the south east asia including singapore and malaysia. His secret of success is his professional ethics and creativity in work.

Inspite of his tight bridal makeup service,he provides hismakeup service for movies, Tv shows and promotions.He makes service for college culturals and school annual days.
His makeup brush is his wand with which he makes the magic in the faces of actors and actresses.  It is a pride to say that he is a chennaitee and feel proud to breathe the same air he breathes. It is an honour to have him in chennai.He is an south indian and his work base is in and around all over south east asia. He work base covers  as a makeup artist, available in south india , singapore and malaysia.

He is an assistant to many legendary makeup artists by which he has expertised in the service of bridal makeup service. He has associated with many actors for their marriage makeup like goripalayam fame Tamil actor Harish and made makeup for many other blockbuster hits like “o kathal kanmani,ezham arivu and vethu vettu”.His expertise in bridal makeup has made him the popular makeup artist in south east asia.
The expertise in bridal makeup is because of his sincere  efforts  and freedom to do creative works. He can show case his talent , which takes his full effort  and skill to only enhance their  beauty  which is already with in the bridal. He is a successful makeup artist in and around south east asia. He is popular among  all Indian makeup artist and he is a member of the  All india makeup council.

It is an prestigious  group of makeup artists all over india. It is pride to say the only chennaitte to be in  this group is Mr.vijay. Inspite of his  cine work schedule. He uses his leisure team to do bridal makeup where he can learn new  trends and expectation of the bride which he will improvise on forthcoming marriages. This childish attitude towards learning  art of bridal makeup made him so popular in Chennai.

He is heading a group of makeup artists called Bridal makeupartist in Chennai which is considered to be the best in the south east asia. This title is not a promotional gimmick, it is the name he has earned the with his hardworking  and popularity of his team in south east asia.

He is a very inspirational makeup artist in Chennai .He has already asked to makeup for miss india 2013.But which he did not attend because of his conflict of interest with a marriage. He feels satisfied  to see bride at the center  of the hall with his makeup.

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